5 weeks completed now on my Feast/Fast experiment, and below are a few things I’ve noticed over the last month and a bit.

  • You’ll instinctively avoid carbohydrates on Fast days in order to get enough protein and overall volume of food in. You quickly realise that having pasta or cereal sends your appetite through the roof and you just want to eat everything in sight. Best to leave that for Feast days, where you will be training and a large intake of carbs will be put to good/better use.

  • I have noticed a marked increase in muscle mass. Not a huge difference in body fat levels but definitely more muscle mass and increased strength and performance in the gym – with weight still around the 70kg mark, as I was at the start.

  • You don’t have to feel hungry on low calorie days – you’ll learn quickly that certain foods are better suited at making you full and satisfied while having a low calorie density. Foods like fruits, vegetables, eggs, Greek yoghurt and lean meats will be mainstays on Fast days in order to keep you full and stop you from dreaming of pizza all day.

  • Keep Feast days for when you know you will be having a long day – like when you are up early for work and know you have a long day ahead. Trust me, there is nothing worse than trying to survive an 18-hour day on only 1000kcals, no matter how clever you are about food choices. Similarly, keep Fast days for shorter days, when you have a chance to lie in or get to bed early and therefore squeeze your daily calories into a smaller window.

  • You will also want to push that first meal of Fast days as far back into the day as possible, because as soon as you eat that first meal you will not want to stop. Fruit and black coffee will help blunt hunger pangs until you absolutely need to have that first meal.

  • Most of all, though, I’ve realised you’ll have great fun with the freedom and mental challenge that comes with planning meals that are simultaneously going to fuel training performance, help you drop body fat, keep you from getting hungry and also build some serious strength and muscle mass.

Let me know if you all have any questions and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction! 


MB x

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