This week felt like I more naturally fell into the feast/fast rhythm. I noticed increased energy on training days (feast) and I’m enjoying the challenge of making my 1000 calories or so go a long way on fast days. I’ve noticed I’m coming up with a lot of ways to ensure I’m not ravenous on fast days (actually got another blog coming up detailing tips to make dieting and losing body fat effortless, and how you’ll never have to go hungry again!)

Only trouble I have been facing this week is staying consistent with calories on feast days. Fast days are right on the 1000-1200 calorie mark every time, but feast days are ranging between 2000-3500 calories. Will need to get in the habit of consistently eating more and keep calorie intake steady on feast days in order to maximise the performance and recovery gains.

P.S. Actually dropped weight this week but, as mentioned before, not overly fussed about weight changes as I know it will fluctuate a lot from day to day.

P.P.S. Planning on running this experiment for 10 weeks in total, so stand by for plenty more updates.


MB x

Smokin Guns Fitness MBf-216x300 Fast-Feast Experiment - Week 3

500g salmon fillets (one paprika, one garlic) and 500g mashed suede, sweet potato and carrot

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