You’ve just finished an intense workout, The weights have been conquered for another day and you are feeling on top of the world.

1 thing.

You look at your logbook and you see you are scheduled to do cardio after your weight workout. 5 mile.

Can’t be bothered ? … How bad do you want it  ? Ask yourself that question. It’s a simple test of your personal will, if you skip it the only person you are cheating is yourself. You know you can do it, you know it will benefit you and you know it will bring you closer to your goals. Now weigh that up against why you don’t want to do it, I can guarantee none of the excuses will be as relevant as the reason TO do it.

The beauty of this is that not only is it restricted to the gym and bettering your body. Take this mentality anywhere with you and you cannot lose.

Whether it be in the office, building your business or perfecting your craft.

Go the extra mile and begin to reap the benefits.


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