When it comes to exercise and the human body, everyone is different. Everything is all relative to everyone and that is the beauty of it. No two people are designed the same, constructed exactly to the specific fibre, molecular breakdown. There are variables in us all and that’s what makes life and ultimately the world an exciting and wonderful place.

When it comes to exercise, those principles also apply. What works for me might not work for you, the way you train might not benefit the way I am. We are bigger, smaller, wider, taller, have higher or lower insertions, more red blood cells, less red blood cells. The factors that can change things are vast and varied.

It’s never a good move to persist on with a movement or persist on with an exercise even though you know deep down that it doesn’t FEEL right.

There are different levels of feel

Uncomfortable – This is the run through of the exercise where your form could be slightly off and it’s a means of tweaking things. Although, muscular fatigue is something that is completely different and the uncomfortable feeling may just be a sense of lactic acid building up around the specific tissue area within the body or the fact that certain levels of energy source are depleted and are causing others to work over time.

The key is – Being able to know when and how and why this is and being able to decipher between the two.

When it comes down to it though as a general rule of thumb, if you feel as though from the very beginning that an exercise is “off” or slightly incorrect for your body type whether it be due to the size or your limbs or body structure,.


It’s really an easy solution when you break it down. Don’t continue going through with it. Allow yourself to say “Okay, for me. This isn’t the best exercise to do”. What are my alternatives ? Find an alternative that causes less stress, torsional stress, whatever it may be…

And begin working with that.

Simple… Yet Effective.

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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