When we are trying to “Eat Clean” and stick to a diet, one of the hardest things that we come across is social influences.

Social influences are our friends, partners, family or working colleagues who can’t help but bend our ear and cause us to go out and eat those foods that we really are trying to stay away from.

The best thing to do in circumstances such as those ? Make the right decisions, make the best decisions to allow us to socialise, live but also stick to our strategy.

From personal experience, pretty much wherever you go, you will find some sort of healthy alternative towards your meal. If you are eating out through at an Italian restaurant, you’ll be able to stick with some salad & a chicken with some sauce. Even moving on through to the realms of pasta, if possible – White pasta if eating out at night.

Now when it comes to anywhere else, our healthy options are meals based around meat – Steak, chicken, salmon are all “Fitness Friendly” meals that will keep our diets on track, bring on some white or sweet potato onto the plate and add a side of vegetables. Don’t worry too much about sauces and condiments when eating out, after all, you are eating out. But just don’t go too crazy.

If it’s night time, stick with something that isn’t too filling. And don’t forget fat sources, good fats that is. Things such as oily fish, avocado and other good fats will help aide digestion and prevent you from feeling too bloated.

You can eat out healthy, it is possible. Having the knowledge and the confidence to do so is the thing that holds most people back.

If you REALLY feel uneasy about eating out and feel as though it will prevent you from progressing & gaining lean muscle tissue/losing fat then stick with the sensible option – A lean protein source & a fibrous carbohydrate.

This type of meal would be something along the lines of an animal meat and green vegetables, that is something that you cannot go wrong with. A lean cut of meat and a fibrous carbohydrate will keep you full, sociable & on track with your diet.

It’s possible to be sociable & be in shape.


Stay Smart, Stay Healthy, 

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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