A lot of people when they first join the gym, they go through a few exercises with instructors then either –

  • Apologise because they are unfit
  • Get angry with themselves because their form isnt the best on an exercise
  • Get frustrated with their inability to lift heavy

This is one thing I’ve never understood.

As a trainer I of course advise that it’s aboslutely fine and that they shouldn’t worry about it.

But I’ve never understood the worry in the first place.

I’d never expect to walk into a Spanish class and apologise because I don’t speak the language.

Or my first day learning the guitar start to get angry because I can’t play chords well.

Here’s the thing.

Nobody expects you to be a superstar on day 1.

There’s no need to worry about it.

In the beginning – Focus more on learning the fundamentals and gaining knowledge rather than focusing on what you can do.

Anyone you see that is fit or can lift heavy – Has worked at it.

They have arrived just the same as you on day 1 and worked through the motions.

Fitness is all about the compound effect.

By continually working hard over the course of time.

You gain skills, knowledge, fitness and confidence in your ability.

Then – When you see someone walk through the door on Day 1 – You pass that knowledge to them.

And that is how our mantra goes…

Don’t fret about what you cannot currently do – Embrace the journey you have ahead of you.