Stop watching your idols and your role models on TV and actually get out there and do it.

Take the first step to actually doing what it is you want to do in life. Don’t be disheartened because you aren’t on the same platform or same stage.

If you start something with a vision in mind like you have of your idols then DO IT. If you want to be an actor then after 6 months quit your class because you aren’t Mark Wahlberg or Halle Berry then you will get nowhere in life… PERIOD.

In whatever you do you need to just keep going. There would never be a Wahlberg or Berry had they approached things with the same mindset as you.

Got sporting idols ? Want to do something in your life with sports ? Then get in the gym, get on the football park or do whatever it is you have to do to take that first step towards getting there. But don’t expect LA Galaxy to be calling you in 6 months of training and offering you a Beckham contract. You need to bust your ass every day with this. You need to love the times that you hate. You need to grit your teeth even through the hardest times. When people drop off that you trusted, okay – deal with it and move on. But always remember what you true love is. Remember why you are doing what you do and keep that big picture there, keep the end goal embedded in your mind and make sure that every single night – EVERY NIGHT you can go to sleep and say “Do you know what, today was a good day. Today I managed to get this done which took me closer towards my goal. I am one step closer to being where I want to be in my life”. If you can go to sleep every night knowing that and being able to say that to yourself then you can truly say that you are winning, you are winning in life and you are doing what you want to do. Don’t worry about how quick it is coming or how slow the process may seem, just be sure to never give up and YOU WILL GET THERE.

This stuff doesn’t come to us as quickly as we would like but what it does do is condition you. It conditions you to really be the best you can be. By wanting to be the best in the world at something or be at the top of your game in life then what it ultimately does it gives you no choice. The hardships and the turmoil create you to be the best through the journey. Life is good and life is hard but life is only hard if you want to be something or be somebody, the test of character you can go through in order to try and “make it” is tremendous,. You will look back and smile once you get to your level of success.

Success – Weeds out those that don’t want it bad enough.

Life – Gives you the test and smiles as you start to crack and become scarfed.

Go out there and be the star of your own movie – life. Be the superhero of your own reality and truly OWN your reality.

The time isn’t yours – what you do with it is.

Andrew McGee 


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