Should a diet be a drastic sudden thing ? Or should it be a standard form of lifestyle ?

A lifestyle habit is something you do over and over again, dieting doesn’t have to be a timed thing, make it your lifestyle.

To stay on track… You want to make sure that your diet is a lifestyle habit and not a brief occurrence that you follow every once in a while.

The key to success is consistency.

The key to consistency is not burning yourself out by killing yourself physically at every chance you can get, you need to be able to push yourself but pace yourself.

Train hard yes, but train smart also. Push your body to the best of it’s ability at that specific time but also allow it to rest and recuperate when it needs it, that is training smart. Training smart is knowing your body and knowing when to push it further and when to back off every so slightly. It avoids injury, it avoids burning out your central nervous system and it allows you to stay fully consistent throughout.

Staying consistent in your training, staying consistent with your diet and overall staying consistent with your regime. This is much more of an important factor than sporadic diet and exercise or even exercising every.

It’s better to train 3 days a week consistently than 7 days a week sporadically.

Allow yourself to set goals that are achievable and also goals that are manageable and realistic. Short term goals are great but always have that long term goal in mind to keep you on track even when you are demotivated and feel as though you can’t possibly push any more.


Stay consistent and stay successful.


Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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