Having deep focus is a skill. It’s an art just like patience.

In the fitness industry, having deep focus and patience are 2 of the biggest factors and skills needed in order for you to achieve your goal.

As an example, Many people come to our club looking to lose weight.

They may initially have in their heads unrealistic time frame.

If it took you 2 years to put on 5 stone, What makes you think you are going to drop it in 6 months?

Could that be done? Yes – But the chances of sustainability become really low when you try and lose weight quickly.

A better and more patient outlook would be – 1 year.

It took me 2 years to put on 5 stone so I’m going to drop it in one year. Healthy, sustainable means of dropping the weight.

Or alternatively this is also the case with putting on muscle tissue.

For the most part it takes a LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time to put on muscle tissue.

Experienced trainers would be happy with putting on 3-5lbs of muscle tissue in a YEAR!!!!

That requires huge amounts of patience that requires deep focus and discipline.

Not getting side tracked by this person, that person, this celeb transformation etc… It requires focus on you.

Nothing else.

So from now on – Take a different approach.

Play the long game and think big picture.

Because that will be your key to success in achieving your goals in your journey towards health and fitness.