Life is interesting when it comes to becoming friends with people, networking and pretty much becoming part of a family or a group, whichever respect it may be. It feels good to be with a group of people who are equally as focused and have the same desire and goals as you do. Bit by bit you all manage to somehow push each other on along the destination, continually raising the bar and in cases inspiring each other by his or hers work they produce. This can be seen in places like sports teams, wrestling organizations, acting clubs and close knitted gyms all around the world. Yeah it’s good to have the occasional friend here and there within certain activities that you have in your life, but when you really manage to make that connection with others, that interaction that you have it almost becomes part of your family. Your family will look out for you, help you outwith your immediate goals, steer you in the right direction and care for you as a person.
All along the road to your goals you and your group have almost became one unit, you are now not singular people looking to achieve something but you are the one group that are looking to dominate and progress through the ranks. And when you see one of your teammates do well you feel great for them, in their victory you also feel a sense of pride and victory. You know how hard they have worked, you’ve been there for the ups and downs, the smiles and cries and you are the one that talked them out of quitting because you knew they were right there at the brink of greatness and vice versa. They seen a fire in you and doused it with fuel.

The best thing about it all is once it’s all said and done you can sit and reminisce about all you accomplished together as a family. So don’t be shut off or isolated. I’m all about being focused and in the zone with your eye firmly on the prize, but if you don’t keep an open mind you’ll never take anything in.
It’s great to have friends, but it’s wonderful to have a family.


Andrew McGee

Am To Pm

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