Based on our poll last week, we asked “Do carbohydrates make you fat?” Majority of votes were “NO”

So do Carbs make you fat? Well, Yes.
When we consume carbs, this turns into Glucose in the blood. The Glucose that is not used at that point when it is spiked, then this is stored as glycogen as future full within the muscles.

1g Carbs = 3g Water. You can gain weight but once Glycogen is used water weight will fall off – Usually within a few days.

Seperating Carbs, Fat and Protein, any food can make you gain weight if you are eating a high consumption of food.

“Carbs before Marbs”
Everyone has heard this. So people think when the remove carbs from their diet they will completely lose fat. Well, overtime you will lose fat because you are in an energy deficit (Less Carbs = less carbs to use as an energy source = decrease in body fat storages) so, you will lose body fat due to the lack of energy you are consuming, not the lack of carbs.

Keto – High fat diet, all you are doing is using fat as a fuel, you won’t lose fat if you are not in an energy deficit.

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