Your biggest dictator is time. The only thing stopping you from doing things you want to do is time.

Procrastination – Time
Achieving a goal – Time
Getting to a certain milestone – Time.

It’s not that we don’t have time to do something, it’s that we don’t really want it bad enough to make the time to do it.

Watching TV ? Will that bring you closer towards your goal ?
Reading a magazine ? Will that bring you closer towards your goal ?

How bad do you really want to achieve this ?

Set yourself out time to do it. Why ? Because it’s important. More important than the two stated above, definitely.

If you want to benefit from something you need to assert force, will, time & persistence upon whatever that task may be.

Getting the ball rolling, starting the engine, Pushing through the barrier. These are all things that require momentum.

You want to be a great actor ? Set aside portions of your day towards your craft.
Make as many phonecalls as you can to
talent agencies. Train, learn & better your ability.
Persist, get better, persist, get better, persist.
Don’t let people ignore you. Be somebody, make it so they can’t ignore you.

The same goes with exercise…

You want to get in great shape ? Set aside portions of your day towards getting there.
Eat as clean as you can, train with the most intensity that you can possibly provide for your own body.
Persist, get in better shape, persist, get in better shape, persist.

Stay consistent at what you’re doing. Get in great shape and people WILL NOT ignore you.

Having the body that you want to have is like wearing a fine Armani suit… That fits all occasions.

Do not let time dictate your life, let the life you choose dictate the time you have.

Andrew McGee

Smokin’ Guns Fitness

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