Being the hero of your own movie. Being the start of your own show. This is something that we often want to be but may not warrant it on our own lives. 

How many times have you looked at someone in a movie and looked at the lead and thought – That would be me. 

Well would it? 

Are you currently living like that? 

Are you taking risks, making moves and moving forward in your life in spite of fear? 

Understanding that everyone is scared – everything is scary but the only way to achieve is by fighting it face on and still moving forward. 

The hero doesn’t shy away. 

The hero gets knocked down and picks himself back up. 

The hero fails multiple times. 

But the hero finds a way. 

You must find a way. 

You must push forward and achieve the things you want in life regardless of set backs, regardless of which way you managed it. 

Do you have to pivot? Do you have to alter plans? Do you have to find a way? 

Of course. It’s never straight forward. 

But that’s what the hero does. 

That’s what you must do. 

Be the hero of your own movie.