A quick test to find out if you’re allergic to a specific food can be done very quickly and easily. This can be done by placing the foodstuff in the mouth. This should be done onto the contact of the tongue and making sure that the allergic substance is placed into the mouth. By doing this, the contact from the tongue will then send a message to the brain and if the muscle (tongue) appears strong, there will be no allergy. If there is a weakening then the foodstuff is deemed as having an allergy towards it as the brain assesses the effects of the food on the body as a whole.
You would then go through a process of taking the person through several movements through exercises and provide resistance to find out if the muscles have weakened. This is then a direct indicator to certain allergies.

Pectoralis major – Arms straightforward or slightly at the side in line with the shoulder, palms facing outward and thumbs facing towards the feet. Place pressure on the forearm to pull the arm down towards the feet and away from the body. This test is to be done with foodstuff either in the mouth,cheek or on the navel. This exercise pertains more towards stomach meridian, if the test proves the muscle to be weak then there is an indication towards allergy.

Brachioradialis – This flexes the elbow to turn the wrist. This test is done with the arm bent at more than 90 degrees with the thumb turned toward the shoulder. Pressure is against the thumb of the wrist to open the arm away from the shoulder. This exercise is also associated with the stomach meridian. The same principles apply to this test with the previous.

Latissimus Dorsi – Testing is done by keeping the arm straight down at the side with the wrist turned so that the palm is facing away from the body. The thumb is pointing to the back of the body. The elbow must be straight and the torso not having changed position. Pressure on the forearm to pull the arm straight out to the side away from the body. This exercise is associated with the spleen meridian. Clients that have diabetes, hypoglycemia and sugar metabolism problems will show weakness in this area.

Those are a few quick and effective ways of finding out if you are allergic to a specific type of food. One thing to remember though – Always consult your physician before carrying out any tests like this as extreme allergies can cause anaphylactic shock and in some cases death.

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