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Smokin Guns Fitness Athletic-Generation-Logo-F-1024x300 Sponsors & Partnerships

At SGF Gym we work in conjunction with Athletic Generation to bring you the best in sports supplementation, and only the biggest, most trusted brands. We always have a wide variety of stock available and help provide an insight into the scientific breakdowns of each of the products we stock.

Smokin Guns Fitness  Sponsors & Partnerships

We currently work closely and in partnership with North Lanarkshire Council on their development and education programmes allowing an insight into health & social development. This is a partnership that we value and will strive towards working together on future projects.

Smokin Guns Fitness  Sponsors & Partnerships

All our staff & instructors are fully qualified and hold all necessary and up to date credentials to be placed on the REPS register. We will continue to uphold this quality assurance making sure that any advice, guidance or input that members receive will be from those fully qualified with the credentials to do so.

Smokin Guns Fitness new_logo Sponsors & Partnerships

The SPRA consists of over 16000 members. It’s aim is to encourage camaraderie and healthy lifestyles throughout the force via a broad range of popular recreational activities. SGF Gym works in partnership with SPRA and recognises all card holders. Please log in to your SPRA member page to view deals and offers available to you for our products & services.

Smokin Guns Fitness Scottish_Fire_and_Rescue_Service Sponsors & Partnerships

The Scottish Fire And Rescue Services staff over 8000 hard working men and women that help keep Scotland 365 days a year safe through fire prevention and fire fighting. At SGF Gym, We recognise the hard work that each individual puts in and offer discount services to those who do. Please log in to your SFRS member page to view deals and offers available to you for our products & services. 

Being part of the SGF Gym community allows you access to our Membership Loyalty Card Scheme. This benefit let’s you take advantage of exclusive discounts only available to members. With over 15 local businesses in the Lanarkshire area, we have covered each sector for you to enjoy.

Smokin Guns Fitness  Sponsors & Partnerships

SGF Gym currently work closely with Lanarkshire Business Group to help promote small businesses throughout Lanarkshire and Scotland. With a strong networking base, We also carry out a lot of charity and community work regularly focusing on areas of low income and social deprivation to help regenerate the community by providing guidance and expertise in the health, fitness and well-being field. 

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