This period is a test of character and it will make you or break you either way at some point anyway. 
If it’s going to make you and you’re going to stay strong throughout this – then great. 

If it’s going to break you and you’re going to have to change things and analyse thought processes/self develop yourself – then great too as now you’ve learned sooner. 

You need to break it down into two ways of thinking. 

– What can you do now and take action now on. 

– What can you plan out in the future to then take action on. 

Regardless of how much we want to be frustrated or upset about things – we must understand that those two above are our only options. 
What can you do just now in terms of creating your exercise structure. Structuring your days. Structuring your eating habits and what you consume audibly and visually. 
This plays a MASSIVE part of how you are going to feel each day and what the outcome of this for you will really be. Especially what you consume audibly and visually I.e what you watch and listen too, this has more power than you think. 

But either way, right now you just need to make the best of a bad situation. What can you focus on now and what action can you take. 
Then – what can you plan out for the future. 
Are you doing things right now that you don’t enjoy. Pleasing people that you don’t need to for no reason? How can you analyse your current circumstances (pre-lockdown) and plan out how you are going to change post lockdown. 

Think about 3 things –
What you like. (Do more of that/invest more of YOU in that) 
What you don’t like. (Do less of that/REMOVE YOU from that) 
What you need to do about it. 

It really seems logical and so basic. But how many of us actually take the time to analyse it and change it? Probably less then 5% of us. 
Well now,s the time to change that. You’ve got some time on your hands. 

So get out your word document or your pen and paper. And get cracking on the tasks above. 
You’ll feel better about it and it’ll make you a better person moving forward.