A second eye refers to either a coach, trainer, mentor or someone who helps keep you accountable. 
When it comes to our bodies and our fitness levels we need to be held accountable. 
By having a coach there – they cut through the BS. 

They may not tell you what you want to hear – but they’ll tell you what you NEED to hear. 
That is the difference. 
You will always be soft on yourself. As will your friends and family. 
But when you need to do something. You need to get healthy and you need to get fitter. 

The only way to have it is by getting that second eye. 
Even all the way through to professional athletes – require a coach. 
Accountability is key. 

You’ll progress twice as fast if you have someone telling you the vitals. 
Stats – numbers and truth. 

That’s what you should go by. 
And that’s what a coach is for.