If it’s eating on the run then you genuinely can’t go wrong with maybe preparing some food and putting it in tupperware the night before. Things like 100g chicken, 100g brown rice and some sort of sauce or condiment is easy to make and a quick meal to tide you over. For breakfast for instance you could have porridge and some fruit, and some cottage cheese. Throughout the day maybe have 2 small meals then have dinner once you get home at night. Small meals being the chicken and rice meal for instance and maybe even a small baked potato as another one. Dinner could be something along the lines of salmon and some sort of green vegetables.

Think of your protein sources as lean meats i.e chicken, fish, steak and such.
And your carbohydrate sources as rice (brown and white) potato (white and sweet), porridge and so on.
Fats will come from those type of meals but it’s also good to add in things like cashew nuts, avocados and some natural peanut butter.

As far as quantities go, 100g is a good guideline or even 75g and make sure your meals don’t go over 250g each time total weight i.e 75g brown rice, 75g chicken and 100g broccoli would be one meal.

When it comes to vegetables, stick to green ones. Kale, asparagus, broccoli, celery and such.
Fruits are good but not in excess, between 3-5 a day is good.
And I’d stay away from standard milk until you got to your desired weight unless it was for your cereal for example.

As far as training goes… Running. The best think you can do to lose weight, it doesn’t require you to go to the gym and can be done in half an hour. Even if you are only gradually building it up from half a mile to a mile and so on. Running works. Incorporate that into what you are doing just now and you will notice a difference.

Motivation is key

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