VIP Transformation Package

Smokin Guns Fitness pixel VIP Transformation Package

Have you tried gyms in the past with no results or guidance?

Would you benefit in continued support training with a trainer throughout your journey?

The VIP Transformation Package Will:

  • Show you how simple it is to get guaranteed results FAST!
  • Drop a dress size (or more) within your first 4 weeks.
  • Teach you about correct nutrition and allow you to avoid ‘Fad Dieting’
  • Become fitter, stronger and bursting with energy within a few short weeks.
  • Increase your confidence and self esteem so that you love who you see in the mirror.
  • Exercise less, eat more and still get better results that will last!
  • Provide continual support, guidance and mentorship throughout.

About the package:

Our VIP Transformation Package is a 10 WEEK PROGRAM that delivers outstanding changes in body composition. It allows you to work exclusively with your trainer and get the best possible service to guarantee you results.

There are 2 sessions with a Personal Trainer every single week with smart work outs designed to get you the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

    • Affordability – same guaranteed results as premium personal training at a fraction of the cost. 
    • Training 3 sessions per week or less. 
    • Customised nutrition plans that are personal to you and your goal. No more dieting, learn how to enjoy all the foods you love and STILL get results. 
    • Unlimited Support from our team in our private members area, and support is always on hand in our fitness centre when you need it most. 
    • SMART training designed with a focus on fat burning, toning, energising your body and mind… all designed for a fun environment.
    • Proven step-by-step plan on how to guarantee the best results in the shortest possible time. 
    • Meal ideas, example meal plans and recipes making it easy for you to eat tasty food and still get the results you want!

This is our most popular program because it allows you to work with one of our coaches very closely while benefiting from working with other people. The energy brought by everyone literally bounces off each other and the atmosphere within the group is always positive.

If you are looking for RESULTS that are AFFORDABLE then this program is the ideal way of doing so. Your coach will be your best friend but also your driving force to succeed. If things get difficult or stressful periods enter your life, our goal is to help you overcome this so that it doesn’t affect results and you continue to push forward and get where you want to go.

What does the training involve?

The beauty of this program is that we teach you how to progress in a program and periodize it to keep your body stimulated so that you don’t plateau. The problem for most people is they do the same workouts day in day out without progression.

ASSESSMENT – We will teach you how to assess your progress and monitor your results and make sure we are hitting our targets. There’s nothing more satisfying and motivating than hitting your targets to keep you moving forward and keeping on track.

WORKOUTS – The workouts incorporate many methods of training including weight training, cardio, Kettlebells, HIT training. This variance of working out allows you to have many tools at your disposal, keeps your body guessing and working to it’s max, and with the way we design each workout, we achieve your optimal hormonal output for ideal body composition changes.

NUTRITION – The nutrition is designed and customized to your specific needs for the goals you set. If any changes need to be made to your nutrition to help you get better results, we are there for you to do so. No stone is left unturned and we really work with you on making the plan fit into your lifestyle and not the other way round.

Will this work for you?

YES – It doesn’t matter what genetics or what fitness levels you have, the program is designed specifically for you throughout. You are not competing against anyone, only yourself and we move you forward at your own pace so that you can get the best possible outcome from the program.

Many people think you need to be at a certain level but please don’t let our transformations fool you. The only thing you need to take part in this is that you REALLY WANT TO CHANGE YOUR BODY AND YOUR HEALTH for the better. That is our only pre-requisite.

So, Are you ready to –

Work closely with a highly accomplished Personal Trainer

Dedicate your life to eating healthy and exercising routinely 

Change your mindset completely for the future

See results and finally achieve your goals?

If so, Then our VIP Transformation Package is for you.

Smokin Guns Fitness pixel VIP Transformation Package

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